The ROE Chess Club is grateful for all our supporters.  Chess is a game that children can learn and play for life.  Your generous contributions help us to promote chess as a means of intellectual development and character building.  It is more than a game!

Why Donate/Sponsor:

  • If you have a child in the instructor-led class at ROE and are not able to volunteer, you can fulfill your family support requirement by donating* an additional $200 (in addition to the standard tuition), which will go towards funding club operating costs.
  • If you would just like to help our program, please consider making a donation*; goods and services are as equally appreciated as monetary support!

*Please contact us through the inquiry page if you would like to make a donation!

Sponsorship Levels:

  1. King and Queen Supporter (A donation of $3,000 or more)
  2. Rook Supporter (A donation of $1,500 or more)
  3. Knight Supporter (A donation of $500 or more)
  4. Pawn Supporter (A donation of $100 or more)
  5. Friends of the Club (A donation up to $100)

Other areas of support:

  • Tournament scholarships
  • Learning scholarships 
  • Chess equipment (clocks, boards, pieces, books, apps, etc.  See our current wish list.)
  • Club Administrative cost (website, database, and other designs)