Mission Statement

The ROE Chess Club is a parent-driven organization designed to give students an opportunity to learn the game of chess, play together regularly, receive instruction from a professional chess coach if desired, and to attend scholastic chess tournaments as a team.

Let’s break that down a little more…


Although the ROE Chess Club is possible thanks to the generosity of the school, we depend on our parents to be a successful organization! All events hosted by the Club are led by parents and are funded by family donations and tuition fees from an optional class taught by a private chess coach. For those opting into the class, parents are required to volunteer in-class or contribute to the functioning of the Club in other ways, such as through donations, as further described on the registration page.


Our primary goal is for students to learn (and love!) the game of chess. Members may choose to learn in a number of different ways – they may play at casual chess meet-ups at the school; have access to reduced-fee tools like ChessKid online membership; represent ROE at community tournaments; and sign up for a fee-based class taught by Coach Andrew Koenigsberg, a USCF Candidate Master with over 10 years of teaching experience.


While not required, participation in tournaments in the surrounding areas throughout the school year is strongly encouraged.  A curated list of tournament options is available on the ROE Chess website. The Chess Club allows for students to participate in a supportive group environment and build a sense of team camaraderie and school spirit.