Two ways to get involved:

(1) Join Chess Club (FREE!): Register to become a Chess Club member and receive information about Chess Club events and tournaments the group will attend – this is a great way for chess players who already play or take classes elsewhere, to play with their ROE classmates! You may also purchase a reduced-fee ChessKid account for online access to chess games, puzzles and instructional materials. This option is free and does not include tuition-based classes offered by the ROE Chess Club.


(2) Tuition-Based Classes: Register for tuition-based instruction* at the school with Chess Coach Andrew Koenigsberg ($200/semester) AND become a Chess Club member and receive a free ChessKid account plus all the benefits noted above. 

*For children who enroll in fee-based chess lessons, in-class parent volunteers are required for the class to proceed. No after-school personnel or staff will be available to run the class. Accordingly, to be placed in the class with the professional instructor, parents must be willing to volunteer and/or contribute to the functioning of the Club in other ways, such as donating money to the club beyond tuition dollars.